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Over the past few weeks I have come to understand that it is ok to hate someone if you do it in the name the lord or in gods name. Also that man can say that God hates someone if them use a church to do it.

I have not understand this, I not sure I still under stand this. The church I grow up in told me I must love everyone, Love thought that hate me. To forgive all that did me wrong. That only the lord can judge me for what I do in my life. I hear the God loves me and that the lord give his life for all man kind. Not just the ones that going to church, but all man kind. The lord gave his life for all of us, he asked to not sin and he is the only one who can judge because he gave has life.

Please understand that you can not save me, nor did I ask any of you to do that. I am a big person and I under stand that I will be judge by the Lord. the question is do you? I still love you, when someone hurt me I end up loving them more. I do not have hate in my heart, I only have room for love. If you think I am living wrong let the Lord take care of that, he may know my heart better then you do. I trust the Lord with all that I have and with my life. You may not believe that but I do not care if you do.

If you want nothing to do with me that is up to you and I will not ask you to change. So please do not think you have the right to tell me how to live my life, any more then I do you.

If you feel that you have God on your side maybe you should ask your self does god take side. I know that I never have god on my self if I take away someone choses and never will I have him when I hate. Where hate is God is not. Yes I will haft to pay the price for how I lived my life. But that is for me to do no one can do that for me.

Please do not think you are helping, it is not your place, that is for God and the lord. If you love me then do just that love me for who I am, not for what you think or want me to be.

I love my family no matter what, no matter what is said or done I will always love them.
Love is a hard thing, if I can still love someone no matter what. That is what I see the Lord did for me and for all man kind. It is so much harder to Love then to hate.

Blaire Roper 2009-04-14T20:44:05Z 2009-04-14T20:46:21Z 04/14/09,2009-04-14:a709fcff5e2760feea5bd2db5585d4e0/5de3c6de93e3e6228e1b334271ab071a The sky is gray today, but as I look out my window I see deep green lawns. There is always something wonderful if only I will take the time to find it. Today is one that has told me that I am still alive. I have come to see pain as a reminder that I still need to live, Not as I did years ago. But I still have things to learn and things to give back, I just must find new ways to do that. Tomorrow brings anther birthday that is a gift from God. This one will make 13, not bad for one who was told they would not see the end of the year. That year has now come and gone, my children are now grown and have their own families. I believe that I have become a better person and now try hard to see others for how they are on the inside. The only thing I would ask for this year on my birthday is that I can keep working on being a better person and to find new ways to help others. This is a bit short today because of how alive I feel, To all my family and friends please know that I love you all and I hope that I have many more to share with you all.

Blaire Roper 2009-01-30T21:16:27Z 2009-01-30T21:17:12Z Boxee first look,2009-01-30:a709fcff5e2760feea5bd2db5585d4e0/2ebde708f6ec73b318ef5d486b6e0bf9 I received an invite to boxee sometime back but I join yesterday. So I set about downloading the installer for OS X. I have been hearing for many months now and most of what I had heard was good. But I guess in the last month I had not been think about what it would look like or how it would run. So after doing the install I was not ready for what I was or for how well it ran. It handles so many formats that I will be spending time this week end getting in to it more and do a better write up, So check back monday.

Blaire Roper 2009-01-29T22:54:05Z 2009-01-29T22:54:05Z Take our lives back,2009-01-29:a709fcff5e2760feea5bd2db5585d4e0/c51fbe1370f7d065de3f9f661f2e934d I hooked up my white Apple key board just see if could type with it and I must say that it is much harder to use than the one I use day to day. This made me ask the question what will help me with how I use my mac? Would a new key board make me a better user? We each day get hit with the new things that sound like they make your life better and give you time. I found over the past two months that only when I put down or turn off many of the things to make my life better that I had more time. Hmm so what am I to do, I have been looking at what I use and when and where. the first thing was my cell phone, why do I need to have it on all the time? Do phones help us or do more or do we let the phone run our lives? At the end of last October I was given an iPod Touch, by a good friend. This was something that I must say I wanted, for email and the wifi. I do not have a laptop, so I jumped in and yes I use it for email. Some times I found my self using it at my desk with my mac running, why am I using it this way. Now for checking emails the iPod Touch is great, but for sending emails it takes me more time than when I use my mac, so that is something I will be working on.

Now I am not saying that technology is bad, but I for one need to remember that it will help me only if I use it in a way that is helpful. There is times we all need to turn off cell phones, iPods, and other tech that is in our lives and there are times to have it on. Do we know when the time to turn the technology on and off is, should we be asking our selves this. With all that is going in the world today maybe we need to take some time away from all the information coming in on us, if for only 5 min.

If all we see and hear all day is bad news will we know the good in our lives. Yes we are all, the whole world seeing a hard time right now, but what am I doing to change that. I many be only one person but I want things to change I must see that they can and then make a change. Maybe it is time we look to ourselves to make things better and not someone else. I for one am not giving up, I will keep writing and working to make things better for my self and others. Let us all take back our lives both from technology and from what is going on around us.

Blaire Roper 2009-01-28T21:04:44Z 2009-01-28T21:05:18Z OS running slow?,2009-01-28:a709fcff5e2760feea5bd2db5585d4e0/545ff2d5268357128e46af51ab31f1fa I have done a clean install of my OS and all Applications, I do this at less one time a year do to all the things I install to try out. Most of you will not need to do that. I always enjoy using a clean installed OS as it run much faster and I have gotten back drive space that I have lost. Now I may get email about this next part, but no matter what OS you run over time they will start to run slower. Now most people will not see it because it is happen over time. So if you feel that you system is running slower and the OS was installed more then a year ago you may want to think about doing a reinstall of your OS.

This is just one thing that may help you get more time out of your systems. If you are like me at this time we all need to find ways to save money and time.