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: 8-26-2001


Aug 25, 01:55 PM

On reading of the new that Steve Job’s was ending his time as CEO my first feeling was good for him. I know first hand how hard it can be to have cancer hit your life, as well to live with knowing what may come. I am so happy to see him Take what time he need for him self and his family. I know he will still have in put if he so wants with Apple. As for Tim Cook he has been running Apple day to day for some time and it was Steve that got Tim Cook to come to Apple. I for one believe that Steve Job’s saw what Tim Cook would become. If Steve was any thing like I was when cancer first come in to my life he would have look at the road a head of him, for him self and family but also for Apple. I see Apple moving forward in the ways that it has over the past few years. I believe that all that work for Apple will miss Steve on the day to day, but all know that Apple will keep moving forward. Because they know what they all need to do, Tim Cook will keep going the way it has.

Steve Thank you for all that you have given Apple and the world and my self. You have changed the world. So now do what you need to do for you.

Thanks Blaire

Blaire Roper