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: 8-25-2011


Aug 24, 02:02 PM

Over the past year or two i have stop keeping up this site, this make me sad as i was hoping it to be a place my family could use to keep up to date. This may change as I am thinking more that I should use it as a place to just post my feeling and what is going on in my life. It sound a little self center and it may be. But I feel that I am not using this and my other sites I should do this or pull them down.

So it is use them. It will be good for me to push my self pass the things i have been letting stop me.

As i sit here looking forward to the years a head of me, I am thankful that I can as they are a gift. I am now 49 years old and I can say that I am happy with my life the bad and the good and I know that I am luckier then some. I can say I love my family and know that they love me. I also know that they worry about my health because they care and want me to have a full life.

I have know joy in my life that other have not and wish that they too could know the joy and happens that i know. I have come to understand that for me I can only take life one day at a time and try to make the most this day. To let go of yesterday and not to live for tomorrow.

To today may I make the most of it. Blaire

Blaire Roper